This project, completed with P. Sperber and M. Lyska, utilized Italian mobile network data for 100 unknown foreign telephone numbers during the summer of 2015 in order to look more closely at the movement of tourists in Italy. After importing the data into PostgreSQL, we defined trips as being less than 3 days between data points, and the presence in a region defined by at least a 3+ hour timespan in one region within the data. The goal was to look at the connectivity between states and regions, visualizing the results using chord diagrams in R, and additional basic visualization in Tableau. An example of data for one telephone number divided into trips can be seen mapped in Fig. 1, We produced various chord graphs focusing on the connections to other states from an origin state, but also the connection between 4 regions (Fig. 2) and the direct connections between all states (Fig. 3).

Figure 1: example of one telephone number’s division into trips. We further divided the defined trips by region in PostgreSQL.

Figure 2: The connectivity between and within regions. For exmpale, most people who travel in the north, stay in the north and very few people travel from central or southern Italy to the Isles, likely flying from Milan.

Figure 3: direct connections between regions

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